Holly is incredibly gifted and cares deeply about her work with clients. She has an uncanny way of understanding her clients and helping them through life most challenging transitions. She has an intuitive, warm and compassionate manner. Holly is particularly good at helping clients gain insight and, thus, making change.

  • 20 years combined academic, career, and clinical experience.
  • Experience with mood disorders, life transitions, career, identity, grief and loss.
  • Passionate about working with Women and their Partners, Perinatal issues, Infertility, Postpartum Depression, Parental anxiety, and Psychoeducation.
  • Utilizes Psychodynamic approach as well as ACT, CBT DBT, Mindfulness and Narrative therapies.
  • Believes in holistic health and that we feel best when the mind and body is in balance.

Outside of her Career Holly enjoys Reading, Reiki, Gardening, and spending time with her Family out in Nature. She is happiest when her feet are planted in the sand while listening to the ocean.

Holly Nelson, M.A., LCPC
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Reiki Master

“I became a therapist because I am dedicated to helping others find their path, balance and overcome life’s obstacles.”

Holly’s goal is to help clients’ find comfort in their discomfort by providing a warm and empathetic therapeutic approach. She strives to provide a collaborative, safe space with a high level of compassion and understanding of her client’s needs. 

Holly believes that we need to examine our past to fully live in the present. She also believes in the mind-body connection and is a champion for combining both Eastern and Western Methods including Holistic therapies. Holly also offers Reiki as an additional way to help her clients process thoughts and feelings as well as to assist in bringing the mind and body into balance. She realizes that this may be difficult to do and is dedicated to ensuring that the pace of therapy is right for each client.

Holly has worked in community mental health and private practice and is experienced in working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, and loss. Holly also specializes in working with women’s issues, infertility or miscarriages, perinatal and postpartum, identity and career issues. She has experience working with clients of all ages and her current focus is adults.

Holly attended Argosy/Illinois School of Professional Counseling and became a counselor because she realized the need to normalize and bring awareness to mental health as well as the importance of creating a space where people can talk about things that are often “taboo”. Through Holly’s personal experience she has grown passionate about destigmatizing struggles with infertility, postpartum depression, miscarriage or the loss of a child. So often women and their partners suffer in silence because these topics are not often discussed openly. 

Holly has years of experience working with college students (both traditional as well as older adults) assisting them with life transitions and realizing and working towards their personal and professional goals. She also helped Career Changers to translate their past experience into their new field as well as securing employment.  She has also taught courses in Interviewing, StrenghtsFinder, and Career Development.  These experiences have helped her to see the importance of looking at the whole person. Holly believes many of us find our identity through our passions whether that be work, family, or something else. She focuses on helping clients through getting a clear understanding of their background and what is most important to them.

Through her own experience of infertility and miscarriage Holly became passionate about supporting others facing the same difficult road. She believes in normalizing the feelings that women and their partners experience. She aims to help those experiencing grief or loss have a place where they will be heard and understood. Additionally, Holly has a clear understanding of the clinical and medical processes and procedures that often accompanies this journey. 

She serves many individuals from the Educational Community including teachers and school counselors as well as Mom’s.  She incorporates Psychodynamic, Mindfulness, Narrative, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy methodologies. She aims to tailor the therapeutic experience to meet her clients’ needs. Holly offers a warm, collaborative, person-centered approach. She looks at the whole person, where they are currently, their struggles, and hopes for the future. She uses tools such as breathing, meditation, grounding, and relaxation techniques  to assist in reducing symptoms. She also incorporates humor and is empathetic and compassionate. Her aim is to normalize talking about depression, anxiety, grief, infertility, miscarriages, and postpartum and providing support and resources. Holly has found that resources and books focused on infertility and loss are scarce and one day hopes to write a book not only about her own journey but also guidance as to how to navigate through the process.

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