Jen is attentive to details and facilities a space that helps clients adapt and gain a deeper understanding of themselves that also thoughtfully highlights and utilizes her client's unique strengths.

  • Utilizes CBT, Narrative therapy, as well as trauma informed approaches to create a individualized approach for each client
  • Devoted to incorporating diversity and cultural humility
  • Passionate about individuals struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression and family/relationship issues
  • Looks to create a trusting, collaborative, and safe space to best support clients
  • Committed to helping clients to authentic emotional expression and self-discovery
  • Strongly believes in a mind-body approach

In her free time, Jen loves baking, gardening, & spending time with her pup, Daisy. She loves traveling and wishes to travel to countries around the world!

Jen (ChiSoo) Park
Pronouns: she/her/hers


“I was called to this field of healing because of my belief in peoples’ ability to overcome struggles and bloom from them.”

Jen began this journey into mental health counseling because she was fascinated by therapy and the transformation it could bring to a person’s life, regardless of what struggles they were going through. She believes that part of that change comes from a safe environment where clients are allowed to express themselves freely and experiment in areas they may not have explored before. This allows for authentic emotions to flow and opens the mind to new perspectives we may have not seen previously. It is her hope that through counseling, clients will have gained a deeper understanding of themselves and gain the ability to be creatively adaptive with life situations.

At Next Step Counseling, Jen is open to a wide range of diverse clients, in order to support them through the goals/issues they bring to the safe space. She is also passionate about helping those who struggle with trauma, anxiety, depression, family/relationship conflicts, and self-esteem. Additionally, Jen is committed to working with those of various cultural backgrounds, as she believes that therapy cannot be separated from the cultural context. Jen strives to be culturally sensitive to clients’ backgrounds so that she can integrate their identity into an individualized approach; In this way, the collaboration is realistic and applicable in the client’s everyday life. 

By using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy, Jen creates a story to help enable the client to speak their own story and truth. It also lets the client examine pervasive, negative thoughts that prevent them from being their genuine selves. By identifying what thoughts lead to what actions, we can create goals that can help the client get to where they would like to be. Jen is also convinced that viewing the client from a strengths based approach will maximize their potential and they will be able to experience it themselves.

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