“Over the last 10+ years I have seen 8 different therapists. Rainn Villalpando has been the most helpful, encouraging, and understanding therapist I’ve ever seen. I still have a lot of work to do, but in the time that I have seen them, I have seen the most positive change for my mental wellbeing in a short space of time than I have with any previous therapists.”

Nat K., former client
  • Trauma-informed and affirmative practice with lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, and intersex persons
  • Affirmative practice with relationally diverse folks (polyamory and other non-monogamous arrangements) as well folks in the kink community
  • Experience with Latinx & Spanish speaking, European & Francophone immigration & acculturative stress
  • Experience with depression, anxiety, and stress, and sexual trauma & intimacy concerns
  • Utilizes Liberation-oriented Existentialism, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Feminist approaches
  • Uses humor, play, and narrative assignments for individuals and couples
Rainn Villalpando, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

“We all need to heal, but I don’t believe we come to therapy to be “fixed.” We are worthy of love exactly as we are right now—the question is, what growth is there to explore and strive for?”

In 2016, Rainn volunteered through a service corps to support formerly incarcerated women in South Los Angeles as they transitioned back into society. This experience greatly taught Rainn the power of witnessing one’s pain, unconditional love and the power of change – both of which they carry with their practice today.

In 2017, Rainn trained queer people of color to become HIV testers through Chicago House & Social Service Agency. Rainn was able to see first-hand how systemic racism impacts persons of color and has moved forward prioritizing their practice of liberation-oriented counseling with a strong feminist emphasis, empowering clients to engage as equals in session and to believe in their own strengths.

In 2018, Rainn completed their graduate internship at Live Oak, conducting psychotherapy in English, Spanish, and French for predominantly queer folks of color. Rainn conducted individual and  couples therapy in addition to developing and co-facilitating Boundless, a support group for queer folks practicing non-monogamy.

At Next Step, Rainn works with a variety of clients. Rainn specializes in working with members of the LGBTQ+ community, persons who have experienced trauma, and couples hoping to gain support to strengthen or transition out of a relationship. Additionally, Rainn provides counseling to clients living with depression and anxiety, as well as those going through various life transitions – break ups, grief and loss, self-esteem challenges, the coming out process, trauma and general relationship difficulties. Rainn’s authentic, down-to-earth approach makes them a great therapist for anyone who is feeling hesitant or nervous about coming to therapy.

Rainn incorporates mindfulness intentionally into their own life and invites clients into sharing in this practice meaningfully in session. Clients will be invited to practice stillness, to anchor themselves in the present, and will be challenged into growing in their awareness of their emotions, sensations, and thoughts. Rainn will often invite clients into a study of their internal landscape with the goal of restoring peace.

In their free time, Rainn enjoys swimming, watercolor painting, playing piano, writing, and dreaming of the Siberian Husky they will one day care for.

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